Saturday, January 3, 2015

Matt Leunig String Cheese Incident New Years Eve Posters & Cat Print

Hope everyone had a good New Years. Matt Leunig was very happy to get the call again from the String Cheese Incident to do a special print for their big New Years Eve blast in Broomfield, CO. He created a triptych last year for the band that turned out to be successful and they decided to go the same route. Last years theme was “Spirit Animals” and this years was more of a “Winter Wonderland”. The band has a lot of imagery such as jellyfish & hoola hooper but Matt thought that the peacock which they use a lot would be a good mix and contrast with the somewhat overly snow white environment. He wanted to incorporate more of a cosmic vibe much like the Oakland poster he did for them last year, as their live performance is known for having a crazy light show and visuals.

Each poster is 12′ x 24′, combining for a triptych total of 36′ x 24′ and is in a print run of 300. All numbered copies were sold by the band the nights of the show and Matt has his own personal copies that will be signed & AP (Artist Print) on sale now

There will be an extremely limited amount of “UNCUT” sheets of the triptych available in about a week,… JANUARY 12th, 2015 so check back if you are interested.

He also has a new print hot off the presses titled “Cats Down Under the DC Stars” based off of the design used for a collaborative T-shirt w/ DC Brau.

Buy them all at ScrapedKnee,com

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