Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Godmachine Primus St Louis Poster Release Details Golden Ticket Edition Reveal

It's not often we get a gigposter from Godmachine but Zoltron had to have him for this latest tour and he killed it.

Godmachine will be selling two editions of the poster the regular and the variant Gold Ticket edition

Primus poster regular edition of 200
18x24 4 colors

Golden Ticket Edition of 25.

Godmachine on the design:
I was so happy to be asked by the almighty Zoltron to be a part ofthis and was at first weirded out by the Wonka reference, but Zoltron talked me into it and off a ledge. One idea I had was to use Mr Wonka as the meme "oh you are having a Primus gig, you must be very good at bass" , the sarcastic meme thing, I thought it was clever but Zoltron liked the other one, maybe other people were doing it- but I thought it was good haha. I dont know why I put on there the hat tips to other films, I think I kinda had a spark of Claypool mischievousness in me and wondered if I could get away with it. Apparently so. I am so pleased to be a part of the Primus and Zoltron catalog.
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