Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Persue Catnap Laser Cut Wood Art

Persue is back with cute new release Tuesday from 1xRUN titled Catnap. Each piece is 22 x 11.5 Inches Screen Print and Acrylic on Laser Cut Wood. Some of the editions have hand embellishments as well.

"In 2013 I painted a mural with over 50 "Be the Change" elementary students in Detroit. These kids were so awesome. I wanted to produce a mural that would have a positive message they would see on their way to school. "Inspire and Grow" was the title. The kids used their hands to leave their prints throughout the mural. The idea was that when they would see the mural they would remember that they were apart of making it and remember the message. I pulled the painting of Bunny Kitty waking from a cat nap on a cool sunny day for this latest laser cut release." - Persue

There are 8 different designs that have a variety of editions and they all go on sale Tuesday at NOON EST at 1xRUN.com

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