Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Copyright Fallen Angel Print Release Details

On Thursday 1xRUN will introduce you to the work of another new artist, Copyright. Hailing from Great Britain, early in his career Copyright decided to study photography and video production at his local college. It was here he discovered a seemingly limitless supply of art materials he could ‘borrow’ to create his own paintings. His highly stylized work and unique style has proven popular with both national and international collectors including a number of celebrities and Premier League footballers.

Fallen Angel print will come in 3 colorways and each one is 14 x 19.75 Inches (35cm x 50cm) Mixed Media Screen Prints on 300gsm Fabriano Watercolour Paper with a signed & numbered edition of 13. Purchase of all three prints will be shipped with matching numbers.

"This image I first made in 2011, I released 2 colour ways of it at the time that sold out. In 2013 I had my 10 year anniversary show where I was able to be nostalgic about my own work, after which I started to reprise old favorites in new ways. I made these and kept them back until the time was right. As my first print release in the USA and as an introduction to my work, it seamed like the perfect time to put them out.

Angels are a reoccurring motif for me and most of my pictures draw from a bitter sweet theme. So the image of a fallen angel is a powerful symbolic way to portray this. I use symbols and iconography within my paintings to help build a story/narrative, usually small icons or tattoos." - Copyright

All 3 prints will be on sale Thursday at NOON EST at

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