Monday, January 5, 2015

Abcnt Seppuku Print Release Details

Stencil for the hand embellishment

Los Angeles graffiti artist Abcnt returns to 1xRUN Monday with a new print titled Seppuku.

"I got pulled over twice on a weekend recently and the idea came to me shortly after that.

I wanted to portray dead cops, but keeping with the tradition of non-violent resistance. So the problem solving was trying to figure out how I would communicate that dilemma.

I don't condone violence against police, but I'm okay with self inflicted violence by police for the sake of honor."- ABCNT

This print is 24 x 18 Inches Hand-Embellished 6-Color Serigraph on 130lbs Mohawk Fine Art Paper.

As for the name Abcnt? It’s an evolution of an alias dating back to his early days of spray paint and stencils, when he was known as simply absent—a tonic acronym with a tonic maxim embodying the artist: Always Be Successful Entertaining New Terrain.

On sale Monday at at Noon EST

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