Friday, January 30, 2015

Matt Leunig Eric Church Denver & Spokane Posters Release

Matt Leunig is releasing a couple more posters for the current Eric Church “Outlaw” Tour, for Denver & Spokane. The Denver concept was originally for a Philly show a couple months back but the poster was pulled. The design was mostly finished and he was able to change it up a bit and adapt it for the Denver stop. In coming up with concept Matt kept thinking of those old “Ride to Hell” biker patches and wanted to come up with an image that had almost a story to it.

The Spokane concept came from a desire to incorporate some of American Indian influence into the art without going too over the top. Matt liked the idea of a Dreamcatcher built out of motorcycle parts. A mobile of sin. Plus cool and furry Bison are,.. their skulls look pretty badass.

The Denver poster is 18′ x 24′, 4-color and had a print run of 400.

The Spokane poster is 18′ x 24′, 4-color and had a print run of 290. Matt will have a very limited run of Artist Prints (signed/AP) of both prints available the day after the Spokane event,

On sale Friday, January 30th 11AM PST at

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