Thursday, January 8, 2015

Luke Chueh Headphones Print Release Details

Luke Chueh returns to 1xRUN today with a new print titled Headphones.

"Headphones" was created for my 2014 solo show, "Self-ish", at Corey Helford Gallery. As the show title implies, the paintings created for the show had an autobiographic theme. As most have come to expect from me, most of the paintings from this show were rich in metaphor and symbolism, but there were a couple of paintings that I created that were simply reflections of my everyday life. "Headphones" is one of those paintings.

As the painting illustrates, my rabbit stands, wearing a hoody and dawning a pair of headphones. On a good day, you can find me assuming the same pose, going for a walk around my neighborhood, listening to whatever suits my mood." - Luke Chueh

The print goes on sale Thursday at NOON EST at

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