Friday, January 30, 2015

Malleus Monster Magnet Frankfurt Poster & Ajna Print Release

Malleus has been busy sketching and preparing for several new posters along with printing their first poster of the year and accompanying print.

The poster is for the Monster Magnet show in Frankfurt Germany, in Frankfurt, on the 3rd of February 2015. It’s a 3 colors limited edition handprinted silkscreen on raw light brown heavy paper. They worked on a run of about 131 posters and they also did an art print version with different colors and on different paper. 100 poster will fly to Germany for the show and the other ones will be in the Malleus webstore on the 4th of february.

Ajna is the title of the print they created with the poster. The print is on metallic paper, with fluorescent, metallic and iridescent inks, taken from the Monster Magnet design.
Ajna is the name of the sixth chakra (the third eye). It’s on silver metallic paper and it’s a very limited edition of 42 pieces.

 Buy them Wednesday February 4 at

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