Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Tim Doyle Drunken Promises Jurassic Galaxy Print & Shirt Release Details

A Long Time Ago in an Artists Home Far Far Away he made a promise, a Drunken Promise to the poster nerds of the galaxy.....

From artist Tim Doyle-
“A few weeks back, I got good and drunk. As I do with times like that, I went onto a Facebook silkscreen art group, and said- “Hey, if 50 of you want a poster of Starlord riding a Velociraptor, I’ll do it.” I went to bed, and the next day, literally 160 people put their money down on a drunken promise.

So- here it is- I promised them Glow in the dark at 100 sold, and then metallic inks at 150 sold- and that happened. I originally promised 18×24” on the print, but while working on it, I thought- screw it man- go 24×36.

So this is something that whiskey and the internet willed into existence, and I couldn’t be happier. We’re going to start printing it this week, and it’ll ship out in the new year.”
“Drunken Promises” 24×36″- Edition of 160. 7 colors, including metallic silver and glow in the dark ink. Nakatomi WILL have a small number of AP copies available HERE on the site- $75 each at 2pm Central time Wednesday…

For a limited time only, Nakatomi are offering the JURASSIC GALAXY/ Drunken Promises artwork on a fine ring-spun cotton t-shirt for $20!
Available NOW in the T-shirt section of the Nakatomi Store!
Come Monday morning (1/12/15) they’ll tally all orders received, and get them printing! Orders should ship by the end of next week.

This design WILL NOT be available again on Nakatomi!

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