Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Fulvio Di Piazza The First Month Print Release

Today 1xRUN is releasing a crazy detailed new print by Fulvio Di Piazza titled The First Month. Just look at the detail images on this one.

Fulvio Di Piazza’s paintings explore the concept of an eternal span of energy and matter that reshapes itself over eon’s of time, whilst at the same time remaining as the same essential building blocks of life. A world in which carbon and ash are continually refashioned.

Highly imaginative, Di Piazza creates whimsical paintings of anthropomorphized landscapes with an extraordinary level of detail and depth. Previous works have depicted lush woodland fantasies, revealing saturated forests filled with faces as distinct features emerge from hills, rocks and tree trunks, sprouting limbs in place of roots and branches.

On Sale Wednesday at NOON EST at

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