Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Yumiko Kayukawa White Dragon Print Release

Japanese artist Yumiko Kayukawa is back at 1xRUN on Wednesday with stunning new print titled White Dragon.

"This piece was presented for a show called “White Dragon” in 2012. It was the first show I did after the Tohoku earthquake that hit Japan in 2011. I created pieces with my positive message for the tragedy and the White Dragon was the title piece.

The rising dragon is a symbol of uprising energy and good luck. Also, white dragons are considered a god of nature or water. Japan is a country of islands that are surrounded by water. We live with water and water creatures and they have been damaged by the tsunami and earthquake. This piece is my wish for them to rise back up and bring back the healthy nature of my home country again." - Yumiko Kayukawa

On sale Wednesday along with 3 original paintings as well at NOON EST at

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