Friday, January 30, 2015

Daniel Danger Days of Mondo Past Poster Release

When an artist attends one of the Flatstock shows they usually create a poster. Off and on when Daniel Danger created one he put himself or his friends on the poster and would include some funny current poster world events or other little inside jokes (My favorite being Austin 2008). All that has led up to the greatest poster he has ever done, Days of Mondo Past.

This piece of hilarious work is knock on the iconic cover of Uncanny X-Men #141 from the early 80s. In a dystopian future, the Sentinels control the United States, and have hunted mutants or placed them in camps or straight murdered them. Kitty Pryde's mind is sent back in time to her younger self and she attempts to stop this horrible future from happening.

Daniel Danger on the idea behind his poster:
"Lets assume internet message boards are Sentinels, and uh, Rob Jones is Wolverine. Mitch is definitely Kitty Pryde. Draw your own parallel past this point. This is absolutely an idea i had at 4am in the morning if that wasn't painfully obvious, and enjoyed a few days of working wildly outside of my style. have fun with it, i certainly did."

The poster is an 24x36" 7 or 8 color screenprint that is a casual timed edition since Daniel has no idea how many people will actually want this outside of his artist friends and pals at Mondo, and will print to match reasonable interest. I love it and think it's funny as hell nice job DD.

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