Thursday, January 8, 2015

Dan McCarthy Territorial Pissings Print Release

Dan McCarthy has released his print of the month for January and titled Territorial Pissings, the title of the old Nirvana song. The print is 5 color screen print - 18"x24" - signed and numbered.

Click here to buy it at

Dan also still has spots available for the 2015 Print Club. If you join, you will receive each monthly print he creates for 2015 + the bonus print "10 of hearts" + special offers only available to members. cost = $360 within the u.s. / $375 international / $150 payment plan. To join CLICK HERE

AND.. he opened up a new option for the 2015 Print Club - PARTIAL MEMBERSHIP / 3 Prints of your choice - As Dan creates a print each month for 2015, you can select 3 prints of your choice. He will send you an email each month to keep you informed on when the new print is available. if you want to select a print, you will be able to do so within the email. Prints will be shipped 3 at a time after you have made your selections. If you have made your selections before the end of 2015, you can renew at any time. cost = $100 within the u.s. / $110 international. To join the partial membership CLICK HERE

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