Monday, January 19, 2015

High On Fire Providence Poster by DESTROY

Got an email from a new artist by the name of Destroy and he is a huge High On Fire fan. So much so he busted his ass to create a poster for the show in Providence Rhode Island and got them done in time and sold them at the show.

I asked him about the design:
"Well, the design came about because I was so excited about the show I had to make something for it. All of the band's imagery and themes are super bone crunching and amazing, and I just let my brain run wild with it. I can't manage to talk about how much I love their music with out swearing about it, which is why I have a giant F bomb in the middle of their name. It just seemed right. In my head, it's about the unstoppable power of metal (the tiny wizard man) summoning the beast slumbering within us all and letting it run rampant!"
The poster is a 11 x 17 silk screen with an edition of 50 that he will sign and number.

Buy it at

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