Thursday, January 15, 2015

Shark Toof Cici N'est Pas Une Homer & Bart Simpson Prints

Shark Toof is once again circling 1xRUN and getting ready to attack with two great new prints featuring Homer & Bart Simpson. The prints titled Cici N'est Pas Une Homer & Bart Simpson respectively can be bought separate or as a set.

"The idea was to bring back the atmosphere of old school 80's graffiti. We used pop characters from Disney and Old Cartoons and off course master Vaughn Bode, and incorporated those characters in our graffiti pieces, either literally or in a hybrid style. Thus, even the attitude of graffiti of just having a punk attitude, like Bart Simpson.

Bart was the mascot for my solo show at Inner State Gallery in Detroit. He embodies my personal experience growing up as a graffiti artist. Homer is probably more like who I am now." - Shark Toof

They both go on sale Thursday at NOON EST at

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