Thursday, January 29, 2015

Tyler Stout Alien Movie Poster Release From Mondo

Last night in Austin, Texas Mondo held a special screening of the classic movie Alien. With it came the chance to purchase a Tyler Stout poster for the movie. The poster world held their collective breath through much of the night, much like the Catholics waiting for the new Pope to be chosen. Waiting for the first pictures to be posted online like smoke from St Peter's Basilica. The church bells were not ringing in St Mary's when it was revealed, the only sound heard was fans exhaling like they had just been hit in the stomach by Mike Tyson. The online reception to the posters has been a mixture of huge disappointment and down right outrage.

Many people have said it looks like a motion picture (note the space) soundtrack cover forced into being a poster and I have to agree. The layout and composition look pieced together. Could we have at least gotten Jonesy on the poster ? The worst part is the day is wrong on the poster. Alien is beloved my millions of people and after all this time Mondo has set peoples expectations so high errors like this should not happen.

Both posters are 24 x 36 inch screen prints. The red regular has an edition of 510 and will cost $60. The green variant has an edition of 235 and will cost $110.

Mondo will be releasing both editions of the poster at random time on Friday.


  1. Mondo had the same grammar issue with their Pulp Fiction Poster in November. They spelled Christopher Walken Without the "h". Luckily that was a timed edition and they have time to fix that.. Hopefully.

  2. Technically it's an event poster, not a movie poster, with 745 posters and only 200 attendees. Plus they got the date of the event wrong. I wish they would have just left the artwork on the soundtrack and just released that instead. If they had to print something extra, how about a Jonsey handbill?!?! Disappointing all around.

  3. what is disappointing is that the poster will sell out and they will not be taught a lesson about giving the fans garbage. Mondo has become the wallmart of the poster industry they don't care about fans they just care about dollars.. and this and fox catcher and big eyes are the proof. so get your wallet out and feed them