Friday, December 5, 2014

Tame Impala Oakland Poster by Modern Giant

Jason Frost from Modern Giant has a wild new poster for Tame Impala that he did for the recent show in Oakland.

I asked Jason about the design:
When I initially sat down to work on the design, I felt that there were several different directions I could go and stay within my regular design aesthetic. However, I opted to step outside of that comfort zone on this one and push for more of a psychedelic vibe that would better depict Kevin’s ambivert style lyrics.

In theory, the overall layout and illustration represents a man’s imagination, with mixed images and/or emotions on both sides of his brain and/or thought process. The concept came to me in a dream I suppose - I just remember waking up super early one morning and sketching the concept out in my garage onto a sheet of copying paper. The only thing I did not illustrate was the man’s head - It is from an old book that I came across at our local library and scanned it there for future use. It’s kind of funny, the original picture had this helmet thing with a camera attached to it, super odd gadget.

Anyway, from there I scanned the drawing into the computer, tightened things up a bit, added color and sent over for review. It was accompanied with a couple of other designs and the guy’s chose this one. 

The poster is 24” x 18”Full bleed 4 color hand-pulled screen printed poster
Signed, limited AP edition available online now

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