Friday, December 12, 2014

Matthew Johnson Seventh Fury Mystery Tube Poster Sale

Matthew Johnson doing one last print special before the year ends, a mystery tube sale that is currently live at There are two tube price tiers to choose from, and each is stuffed chock-full with rare prints, unreleased prints, scratch/dent prints with minimal dings/dents, and original sketches. Some prints are signed, some are unsigned, none are of poor quality. Every tube is different, but each contains the following types of items:
- Rare and Unreleased Prints
- Test Prints
- Scratch/Dent Prints (minimal very slight dings/dents)
- An Original Sketch (size/type varies)
- Stickers! w00t
The two price tiers are $50 and $75. There are only 7 of the $50 tubes available, and they have over $100 worth of items inside. There are only 5 of the $75 tubes, which have over $150 worth of items.

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