Monday, December 8, 2014

Pink Panther 50th Anniversary Posters by DKNG Studios

It's been 50 years since the original release of Blake Edward's The Pink Panther. To celebrate this amazing film series Skuzzles has teamed up with DKNG Studios to pay tribute in the form of a limited edition collectible screen print movie poster. To truly commemorate The Pink Panther's 50th Anniversary, Skuzzles asked DKNG to design artwork playing off some of the original The Pink Panther poster concepts. The end result is a sleek and simplistic mash-up of two popular The Pink Panther posters from the past--any idea which two posters they're referring to?

The Pink Panther limited edition screen print movie poster is offered in an extremely limited run size (125 regulars and 40 variants), to ensure that fans of The Pink Panther get a very unique piece of high-quality collectible artwork.

The Pink Panther 50th Anniversary Regular Edition
Price $40
Size 18" x 24"
Edition size of 125

The Pink Panther 50th Anniversary Variant Edition
Price $50
Size 18" x 24"
Edition size of 40

ON SALE Tuesday December 9th 12:00PM Eastern time on the Skuzzles homepage.

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