Friday, December 12, 2014

Jeff Soto The Californian Print Release

If the rain in California keeps up they really are going to wish this big fella Jeff Soto created was real. For now he is only a print 1xRUN is releasing today titled The Californian Print.

"I have been playing with the ideas of nostalgia and youth, and ultimately growing up and entering into the adult world. This painting focuses on a robot from a TV show we watched. It is rising triumphantly out of the badlands - the hills and mountains and rural areas we grew up in.

This piece was a commission without any art direction, they let me do my thing. I did some drawings like always and found the right imagery. Though the colors are dark, it is a positive piece. It is also aggressive, and strong in a non threatening way I think.

I really like the fact that this print is the actual size of the painting. Most prints are smaller than the originals." - Jeff Soto

On Sale Friday at NOON EST at

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