Thursday, December 11, 2014

Persue Grey Matter Prints & Original Artwork Release

Persue is releasing 6 new prints and 8 original pieces of art with 1xRUN Thursday.

"These pieces are from “Touchy Subjects” show at the Seventh Letter’s flagship store in Los Angeles. I showed with Dabs, Myla and Rime.
These paintings show a darker side of BunnyKitty’s universe. Spotlighting police brutality, riots, wet dreams and women of pleasure. Subjects that are touchy to some, but presented in a cute aesthetic.

I tend to daydream a lot. These paintings come directly from those daydreams. I start by sketching rough ideas in my journal--not even complete ideas--and use them as a reference, then go straight into painting. No pencil or transfer paper was used in the making of this work." - Persue

Everything goes on sale Thursday at NOON EST at

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