Thursday, October 15, 2015

Rob Schwager Frankie Halloween Figure

When Rob Schwager was a kid, one of his favorite memories of Halloween, aside from the bounty of candy from trick or treating, was the decorations that his mom would put up around the house. She had this awesome cardboard jointed skeleton that we could change his pose on the wall if desired. Rob loved playing with that Halloween decoration long after Halloween was over.

Due to my fascination with that decoration, Rob always wanted to make his own version of an articulated Halloween decoration. He has been slowly working on his own version for well over a year now. It has taken him longer than he had expected, but he didn’t want another Halloween to pass by without finally creating it.

This Frankie figure is approximately 23” tall.

It is a seven-color, hand-pulled screen print on 140 lb French Kraft paper. Each individual figure was carefully screen-printed, hand-cut, assembled and packaged by Rob himself, he put a lot of work into this killer piece.

“Frankie” comes packaged with 3 additional cut-outs (2 bats and a black cat), plus a Tiny Bird Press sticker, in an acid free clear bag. The package is topped with a decorative 2 color, hand-screen printed header card. First edition is limited to 20 pieces.

Please visit the Tiny Bird Press store to purchase your copy.

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