Friday, October 9, 2015

Tim Doyle The Emperors of the North Watch the Clock Print

The newest print in the ongoing ‘Sea Also Rises’ series by artist Tim Doyle is up for sale in the Nakatomi store!

The Sea Also Rises- The Emperors of the North Watch the Clock Print

Originally commissioned by PangeaSeed in Hawaii, Nakatomi is releasing artist’s copies from the original run of just 150 copies!

This 7-color hand-printed silkscreen poster measures 16×36 and is printed on Classic Crest White paper.

“This print is a continuation of my ‘The Sea Also Rises’ series of prints, as I’m expanding the scope of the human/ nature interaction I normally portray in an urban environment into the Arctic. (And yes, I know there are no penguins in the arctic…they’re also not normally 80 feet tall, either.) The idea of rising sea levels, and the animals of the sea (mythic or otherwise) coming into areas they aren’t normally seen is fascinating to me. This weird, visual story I’m slowly telling across these prints of giant gods and monsters of the deep coming into the world of man as a result of our environmental decay, is by far my favorite personal project, and I’m always happy to have PangeaSeed supporting it, while I help support them!”-Tim Doyle

Prints are in hand and ready for immediate shipment buy it HERE.

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