Thursday, October 15, 2015

Adam Pobiak Melvins Simpsons Poster London aka Worst Poster Ever

The Melvins have probably had the most legendary posters of any band (or at least the most posters of any band - and many of them are legendary). So Adam Pobiak was pretty psyched to finally be able to get one in for them. If you're not familiar with Buzzo (AKA: King Buzzo), the Melvins front man, Have a look here and this poster might make a bit more sense. Oh, and this is also Adam's first fully illustrated poster with no photographic images. Anyway, here are the edition details, and the size is 16.7 x 31 inches.

Main edition = ed. of 100
Marge variant (Pearl-escent White Stock) = ed. of 25
Smithers variant (Rainbow Foil)= ed. 15
Manson variant (Lava Foil) = ed. 5
The drop is Thursday October 15th at 5pm London (Noon Eastern - 9am Pacific ) on Adams website

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