Monday, October 5, 2015

Sebastian Bentler Unity Print

Change and growth are good things for an artist and actually anyone. Sebastian Bentler is trying some kind of different style this time after going through alot of personal changes (especial regarding love) featuring quite deep symbolism instead of plain streetart system-criticism this time.

Actually one varied monochrome edition of 7 and one simple B/W edition of 5.

Unique screenprint handpulled by the artist on handpainted acrylic background.
Screenprint + UV/Matte finish on 300gsm Arches hand-torn cotton rag paper with deckled edges.

Size: 58x67cm (23x26″)
Printed area: 38x53cm
Stamped, signed and numbered varied edition of 7.

Unification of Twin Souls
Entering the Unified Field
Death of death
Golden Age
Grid alignment
A lot of myths throughout human history (Isis & Osiris, Psyche & Eros, etc. )
Return of the Godess

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