Tuesday, October 27, 2015

James Flames My Morning Jacket Austin Poster Release Details

Here is the poster James Flames made for My Morning Jacket for their recent shows in Austin, TX.

There are three versions of the poster available. First is the Regular Edition, and then two Foil Variants: one of them on Sparkle HoloFoil Paper, and another one on Lava HoloFoil Paper (with blue and green inks). Also, the two Foil Variants have Split Fountain ink (which is a two-color blend) on the top layer -- gives it a cool extra touch.

The illustration is titled "And Then They Led Us To The Waterfall". It features a group of travelers who have come across a strange and magical land, where they are able to communicate with the birds, who have led them right to the Waterfall.

These will all be available Tuesday, October 27th at 2pm Eastern on James Flames website

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