Thursday, October 15, 2015

David Welker Approaching A Rift & Umphrey's McGee Summer Tour Poster Release Details

Earlier this year David Welker's good friends from Phish asked him to revisit and reinterpret his original album art for this Summer's vinyl release of the 1993 album "Rift" during Magnaball. Naturally this was a great challenge for David so he dug in deep and tried to recapture and expand upon the themes of the music and the old cover art.

David tried to imagine the main character in the moments he is drifting into the dream sequence. That fuzzy place in the subconscious mind when we transition from waking thought to the dream world where things begin to spin out of out of control.

This is a 12x12" four layer screen print. Bottleneck Gallery will have his personal signed and numbered artist proofs and some printers proof in editions of 60 and 30 respectively.

David almost forgot he had some of these Umphrey's McGee AP's in the studio So he figured he better release them before it starts to snow. Umphrey's McGee had a great Summer Tour and they wanted a vision of a dystopian future to set the mood.

Bottleneck Gallery will have my signed and numbered artists edition of 70 prints available. It's a 16x24" screen print and will be available for $40

Both posters are dropping  Thursday, October 15th at 12 Noon EDT at

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