Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Neal Williams Foo Fighters Wichita Poster Release

It seems our fighter pilots have had an incident with a "Foo Fighter" over Kansas. Neal Williams did the poster for the Foo Fighters show in Wichita, Kansas at the end of last month and now you can get your hands on one.

I talked with Neal on the design:
 When I started thinking up concepts, I began by researching the history of Wichita (where the show was happening). I've always wanted to draw a detailed cockpit, so when I read that B-29 Superfortresses were manufactured in Wichita during WWII, I thought that would fit perfectly. I vaguely knew the history of the Foo Fighters' name already, which has something to do with balls of light in the sky that WWII pilots thought were UFO's. I decided having the B-29 in a wheat field with a UFO shot down in front of it would be a great way to tie in the band, the location and something I'd be excited to draw.
Foo Fighters
18" x 24" - artist edition of 85
7 colors on 100 lb white paper

Foo Fighters - Variant
18" x 24" - artist edition of 15
6 colors on Gold Foil paper

All posters from Neal come signed & Numbered.  On sale Wednesday at 10 AM PDT at

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