Thursday, October 8, 2015

Hero Complex Gallery NYCC Releases & Giveaways Tyler Stout Cast/Crew/Handbills & More

Marvel and Disney gave Hero Complex Gallery a few precious exclusive TYLER STOUT CAST & CREW VARIANTS, HANDBILLS and UNCUT HANDBILL SHEETS to giveaway to NYCC attendees...and to not be left out, they will ALSO be giving some away to ONLINE FANS too!


1. NYCC ATTENDEES: Every item purchased at their BOOTH #236 will gain you one entry into the giveaway and YOU CAN WIN MORE THAN ONE TIME. Buy 5 items get 5 entries. They'll be ANNOUNCING WINNERS DAILY AT 6PM.

2. ONLINE FANS: Follow HCG NEWSLETTER, on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and TWITTER and post something about visiting their booth with #HCGatNYCC and you can win too! ANNOUNCING WINNERS DAILY.

Plus lots of new print releases and other surprises are in store daily from Hero Complex Gallery. 

Artist Signings every day

Thursday, October 8th Signings
10a-1p - Craig Drake, AJ Frena, Paul Shipper, Kevin Wilson
1-4p - Peter Breese, Robert Bruno, Brian Roll, Guy Stauber

Friday, October 9th Signings
10a-1p - Craig Drake, Glen Brogan
1-4p - Robert Bruno, Paul Shipper, Kevin Wilson, John Aslarona

Saturday, October 10th Signings
10a-1p - Craig Drake, AJ Frena, Glen Brogan, Marko Manev
1-4p - JP Valderrama, Marinko Milosevski, Nick Comparone, Jason Liwag

Sunday, October 11th Signings
10-1 - K. Wilson, P. Shipper, Robert Bruno, Guy Stauber

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