Monday, November 2, 2015

James Flames Widespread Panic Asheville Halloween Poster Release

James Flames thinks this might be his favorite poster he made this year so far. It's his latest poster for Widespread Panic, from their recent Halloween shows in Asheville, NC.

They are extra large at 36"x24", and there are lots of cool variant editions available in very limited quantities.

There are the following variants
Oak Wood Veneer Edition of only 7
Metallic Violet Paper Edition of 15
Metallic Red Paper Edition of 25
Sparkle HoloFoil Paper Edition of 25
Lava HoloFoil Paper Edition of 25

Due to the incredibly high traffic that Widespread Panic fans bring to his site during poster sales, these posters will be sold through his Etsy site ONLY. This will ensure that everyone has a fair chance and the the website stays stable during the sale.


The illustration is called "The Devil In Disguise", and features a cloaked figure entering an ancient chamber room, flanked by her wolves. The figure summons up a small flame from her hand, as it approaches a bonfire in the middle of the room, which is being tended to by some more wolves. However, the reflection of the cloaked figure in the large mirror seems to summon the past, showing a young beautiful woman at a masquerade ball, flanked by her regal dogs. All the while there seems to be an observer of this event upstairs. What could happen next....

Everything will be available tomorrow, Tuesday, November 3rd at 2pm Eastern via his ETSY Store Page.

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