Monday, August 22, 2016

Black Sabbath Tim Doyle Camden Poster Release

Nakatomi artist Tim Doyle was commissioned to produce this poster for the Black Sabbath show last Friday in Camden, NJ at the BB&T Pavilion!

Notes on the print from Doyle-
“I was totally honored to get a chance to do a poster for such a legendary band on their farewell tour! When it came to this particular print, I wanted to riff on the Satanic/Occult imagery associated with the band- and being the super-nerd that I am, I can’t think of ‘Satanic imagery’ without thinking of Mike Mignola’s long-running Hellboy series of comic books. So this is me, trying to work in that headspace and I’m super-pleased with the results!”
This hand-made silkscreened gig-poster measures 18×24 and is signed and numbered by the artist in an edition of 666. $30 each.

Nakatomi will have a SUPER TINY edition of 10 prints on silver Foil! $60 each.

Both prints will be available for sale MONDAY 8/22 at 1pm CENTRAL TIME in the GIGPOSTERS section of the Nakatomi store HERE.

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