Thursday, August 11, 2016

Nevercrew And PangeaSeed August Print Release

PangeaSeed is pleased to announce the latest print of the ongoing Sea of Change: The Year of Living Dangerously - Vol. 2 print suite by Nevercrew. The highlighted species of this edition is the beluga whale.

Nevercrew (Switzerland)
Title: "Transmitting Machine No.1"
7 color screen print with gloss ink layer
Regular: 50 signed / numbered $130
Variant: 25 signed / numbered $190
18x24 inches

Available Friday, August 12, 2016, 12 pm PST at

Artist Statement:
The relationship between mankind and nature is obviously constant, and so are its effects in both directions. Sometimes these effects are clearly recognizable, sometimes are hidden, and sometimes are just not seen.The Beluga whale, because of its small size and its habits, has always been in direct relationship with humans, being subjected to hunting and being the first cetacean to be exploited alive in aquariums and zoos.

Moreover, the animal is very affected by water pollution and the effects of the warming climate. For all these reasons and following the idea of constant communication between mankind and nature, it could be seen as a living litmus paper. Another natural indicator from which to understand how the environmental balance is affected by human impact.

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