Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Erica Williams Original Art And Posters Sale

Erica Williams has some new posters and original drawings for sale and they are 30% off to help the costs of taking one of her cats to the vet to have a tumor removed.

Erica with the details
As many of you know I am a cat mom, and I love my little fur babies more than anything. When they are sick it breaks my heart. Many of you also know that for the past week I have been running a sale in my shop to fund vetrinary bills for one of my little ones, Maxwell. He had surgery yesterday to remove a tumor that was growing through his ear drum causing infections and pain.

He is back home and doing ok, although really not a fan of the cone, and I want to thank everyone for their support and warm wishes for his recovery.

However my vet pretty substantially under quoted me on the amount the procedure would cost, so I am posting some originals up for sale for $200 each as well as extending the currently running 30% off sale until Saturday.
30% OFF YOUR ORDER WITH CODE "MAXWELL" AT CHECKOUT Good through Saturday the 27th.

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