Thursday, August 18, 2016

Please Welcome Alexander Hanke New Blog Sponsor

German artist Alexander Hanke is friends with Lars P Krause who told Alexander to check out the blog. Alexander is an art director and graphic designer in the field of Graphic and Packaging Design.
 Some years ago he was born in the wild lands of east Germany. Early on he discovered how to eat a yummy pencil and what to do with funny stuff like paper and walls. So he started working for different clients back in the early days of 1998, long before he moved out to Cologne and afterwards to the small city of Hildesheim to graduate in Corporate Design in 2008. In the same year he established the label “Zum Heimathafen” to separate his art driven mind from the day-to-day graphic design job. 
At the moment Alexander is working as a freelance artist and creating posters, shirts or flyers as well as Corporate Design and packaging solutions for clients around the world.

So put your hand together and welcome Alexander as a new sponsor on the blog. Head over to his website to see all his work

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