Monday, August 22, 2016

Pearl Jam Joey Feldman Wrigley Field Chicago Poster Artist Edition Release

A new artist to the Pearl Jam world was added this weekend as Joey Feldman did a poster for the shows at Wrigley Field in Chicago.

Here are the two posters.

Regular edition of 300 signed & numbered  24 x 18” 4 color silkscreen on white paper
Purple Variant edition of 100 signed & numbered, 24 x 18” 4 color silkscreen on white paper

I asked Joey about the idea behind the design:
when i was asked to do a poster for pearl jam at wrigley i needed to do some research. i found that pearl jam and its members had various charities , etc and they seem to give back a lot to their community.

i have always showed an interest in the plague doctors. the whole story behind them, the various looks, and the many interpretations i came across a photo for this tour of the band and a little inspiration hit, -lets just make pearl jam into a group of plague doctors.
ok once these “doctors” were drawn i needed to place them somewhere. a place that may or may not exist - a psychedelic landscape consisting of imagery inspired by miro
sounded fun. then i just needed to add the venue and the bands name! wanting to show respect to my sometimes mentor, abuser ralph steadman i hand lettered the titles with a vintage half eaten dip pen the original art is pen and ink 1:1 ratio , there was no photoshop used in the making once i saw the line up of the 4 other artists i was humbled and honored to be in their presence

Joey will have 250 signed, embossed and numbered editions available of the regular edition.
There will be 80 purple variants signed, embossed, numbered editions available Tuesday August 23 at 10AM PDT in his big cartel store

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