Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Matt Leunig Modest Mouse Berkeley Poster

Modest Mouse is a band Matt Leunig remembers listening to a lot when he was in college and afterwards when he moved to San Francisco they were at the height of their popularity, they were everywhere, then they just disappeared.

After a hiatus of 8 or so years they are back on tour with a new album touring with NYC’s Brand New and played the Berkeley Greek this past weekend. Matt was very happy to have been given the opportunity to work with the promoter to do a poster for this show.
Matt says :"The idea was to do a tripped out Spirit Animal emphasizing the Oregon roots of the band (Modest Mouse)….. Woods, nature, greenery, deers, hoodies.. the works. I love working face paint into characters mainly an aesthetic choice and gives things a bit of a mystic feel to them but in the end it seemed to muddy up the already busy character. So that element was dropped from the final version."
This 6-color print is 18′ x 24 with a print run of 400 and Matt has a small run of 40 Artist Prints (signed/AP) on sale now at http://scrapedknee.com/

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