Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Christina Inkster Twilight Delight Print

Here is a little something the fluffheads and other fans of fungi should dig. These are the latest prints from Christina Inkster titled Twilight Delight.

She shared here idea for the prints:
  The back story behind 'Twilight Delight' is due to living in Edinburgh; the magical Scottish capital that inspired Harry Potter. There is something quite mysterious and magical about Edinburgh where you just know that when the lights go out and your back is turned; the fairies come out to play.
Regular (black and white) and the Variant (green hue) print titled 'Twilight Delight'. These are both available to purchase from her store: for £15 each with £4.99 P&P and are both digital prints of the original drawing on 250gsm matte paper and are open print editions.

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