Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Suuns and Warpaint Posters By Spiegelsaal

Torsten Jahnke and Jochen Mönig of Spiegelsaal have been busy creating posters.

SUUNS gig poster, Le Guess Who? Festival, Utrecht, Netherlands

70 × 50 cm (27.6×19.7")
4-color screenprint on antique white 300 gsm Design-Offset paper in 2 versions:
- Yellow, Orange, Black, Red (35/50 s/n)
- Day-Glo-Yelllow, Orange, Black, Red (15/50 s/n)

»...repetition, and unsettling deviations of said repetition...«
SUUNS’ descriptions of their music lead to Spiegelsaal's first canary-motive-poster, at last!

They curated a part of one of their favorite festivals, the fantastic Le Guess Who? in Utrecht, Netherlands.
Their great closing show on Sunday night was also the last show of their current European tour and needed a proper poster to celebrate this.
Which gave Spiegelsaal the possibility to live out one of their secret obsessions....canaries! Or...Astro-Canaries?
They have a few copies left in their shop:

Next up is Warpaint.

2016, German Tour, Cologne, Berlin
70 × 50 cm (27.6×19.7")

Screenprint with loads of split fountains on antique white 300 gsm Design-Offset paper in 3 variations:
- Yellow-orange-gradient, dark-blue-light-blue-gradient, white (32/87 s/n)
- Green-cyan-gradient, dark-blue-light-blue-gradient, white (27/87 s/n)
- Violet-red-gradient, black-dark-blue-gradient, white (28/87 s/n)

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