Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Laurent Durieux The Excelsior Print Release

Ford Craftsman Studios is happy to release the much anticipated next piece in the Modes of Transportation series by Laurent Durieux.

The Excelsior poster features a 1923 Excelsior motorcycle cruising in the American Southwest on historic Route 66, also known as The Mother Road.

A lot of research went into this poster. Reference pictures online just wouldn't do it so Laurent and his brother Jack tracked down a museum in Holland that has Excelsior motorcycles so he could see one for himself.

The Excelsior is available in three versions measuring 24x36 inches, each with 13 colors.

Regular Run Size - 330 $65
Variant Run Size - 185 $85
Wood Run Size - 12 $250

These will be available from Ford Craftsman Studios on Black Friday (November 25) at about 2pm Central time. Any item after the first will have the shipping refunded so you can add a Zephyr or Delahaye to your order and refunds will be issued as orders are processed.

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