Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Niagara Can I Help It If I'm In Love? Print

Niagara has teamed up with 1xRUN to release a new print Can I Help It If I'm In Love? in several different colorways. All the prints are 24 x 16 and screen printed with a variety of editions.
“My girls are all individuals. Once in a while one will have a name, but usually they are all talking, so you don’t know their name. You just imagine what their name is. You start imagining a lot about them. Then you identify with them. Men and women. That’s the point.

They all have a story. They didn’t always have word bubbles, but if you look at it there’s something happening that was kinda mysterious that you could figure out. It was this kinda weird, sleepy, druggy type women. There was a weapon. There was a situation.

I like that real vibrant pop kind of look. It’s also pretty detailed looking. But I didn’t think people had time. Who has time?  I thought I wanted to do something very vivid instead, so people can get it really fast. Read it. They have to read it. Even if they don’t want to read it. They have to read it. When you see it you just get it fast, and notice later that it was done very carefully. At least they get the sense of it immediately.” - Niagara
All the different print colorways along with original sketches and paintings are on sale now at .

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