Thursday, November 17, 2016

Alexander Hanke Nada Surf and More Posters

Alexander Hanke has three new posters check them out.

1) Okkervil River @ Rolling Stone Weekender - Weißenhäuser Strand
Edition 60 / Price 25€
4 screens on 250gsm Olin smooth
The idea is behind the illustration is a combination of the area and the latest record. The show took place at the Rolling Stone Weekender Festival on the Baltic Sea. The brushes in the front are called seabuckthorn and are very famous in that region and it’s only one dune to walk to see the beach. The whole record itself deals a lot with the past and this is where these lost souls come to play.

2) Nada Surf + Babelsberg Film Orchestra
Edition 80 / Price 25€
4 screens on 250gsm Olin smooth
„Inside of love“ is one of Nada Surf's huge hits and this is also the inspiration for that illustration. The lyrics deal with the search for love, the aim to find a way in. The violin shape obviously stands for the Orchestra, kind of their view on the music but it also symbolises the name of the track - „Inside of love“.

3) Tortoise @ Le Guess Who? - Utrecht
Edition 70 / Price 25€
3 screens on 250gsm Olin smooth
The idea behind this one is pretty simple in the end, nothing compared to the complexity of the music. It’s based on their actual press photo, where all of the guys are standing on the shore with umbrellas. Since I experience their music more like a force than a wisp of wind, the umbrellas are ripped apart in an restless sea.

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