Thursday, November 3, 2016

Make Racists Afraid Again HPM Art Print

This Presidential election has been nothing less than bizarre and scary to say the least. I first saw this "Make Racists Afraid Again" mural on twitter some time last month and thought it made a great point. Appealing too and encouraging the worst in people is not what built this country and made it the best in the world. Soon after I saw a story about how BuzzFeed News deputy art director Ben King and his typographer colleague Mark Davis released a free font called "Tiny Hand", which is based on Donald Trump's "eccentric" handwriting (read about it HERE). Disgusted with his behavior on a daily basis and feeling the need to express it, an idea formed.

So I created 20 Hand Painted Multiples with only Montana Gold Spray Paint. They have a diverse amount of colors that blend together to form the message and no two are a like. The prints are 11 x 14 inches on Stonehenge 250 GSM Art Paper, the nice thick stuff.

On sale now at Inside the Poster Store.

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