Thursday, November 10, 2016

Todd Slater Ween Los Angeles Poster And Thin White Duke Release

Todd Slater has a couple of great posters dropping today.
I was definitely thinking about the forest spirit in Hayao Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke for this one.  Channeling some of the energy from that creature and applying it to a band hailing from Bucks County who, to this day, remains a mysterious musical enigma made sense in my brain.  The face is a blend of deer goat and greater kudu.  The birds that flank the creature left and right are meant to abstractly represent the idea of duality that exists between Gene and Dean's personas. -TS
NOTES: 18x24 inches /// 6 screens /// numbered edition of 275 (sold at show) & S/N artist edition 50) /// signed and numbered foil edition of 50 copies /// October 13, 2016 at Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, CA
This one was originally a gig poster for Iggy Pop and has been reworked into an art print titled: 'The Thin White Duke & The Passenger'.  My rendering is a rare moment of syzygy in the history of rock. It's likely a representation of the two disparate icons (Bowie and Iggy) meeting: the wolf with two toned eyes exchanges secrets with the wild dog.-TS
Be sure to check out out the variant to 30 copies printed on mirrored red stock and having an extra layer of varnish applied over the surface... it really shimmers in person.

NOTES: 24x18 inches /// 7 screens /// signed & numbered edition of 100 /// signed and numbered red mirror edition of 30 copies

Both posters will be on sale between 3pm-5pm Central Time at

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