Thursday, January 14, 2010

7sins print by Joby Cummings WOW !!!

Joby sent this over the other night and between my work schedule (3 days in a row 13 hours a day) and I was waiting on some details from him about it. So just getting posted today

I was blown away when I saw this for the first time. This is just sick. Weaving the words to form the skull, brilliant.

17"x22" 400dpi giclee $100 edition of 100
13 x 19 $50 Giclee Edition of 100

He also has shirts as you can see from above on his site.

Who is Joby ?

Joby Cummings currently works at Freak Chic Tattoo 7365 Melrose Ave. Hollywood, CA 90046 323.951.1501

Let us start with a generous helping of digital abstract meets Big Daddy Roth on a bed of stirred Picasso a la Mark Ryden ladled in Sailor Jerry's finest dressing with a light garnish of Issey Miyake, place all ingredients in a drum machine, mix well, serve chilled.

More than just multi-talented, Joby enjoys a plethora of creative outlets. Not only is he an outstanding tattoo artist of 18 years, he is also an accomplished fine artist, who has had numerous exhibits with canvases flying off the walls into the collections of many of his followers. On top of that he is also a
graphic artist, illustrator, and music producer.

Buy this and see his other work at

Check him out also at

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