Sunday, January 17, 2010

Alex Pardee Team Conan Print and shirt to benefit Haiti

From Alex:

I will keep this short and sweet. Though I haven't caught the show as often as I would have liked to over the years, there is no question that Conan O'Brien. with his offbeat, awkward, smart and hilarious rise to Late Night stardom, is one of our generation's most consistently perfect comedic personalities. His Late Night show, I'm sure in more ways than one, influenced my love for nonsensical humor in the 90's, with characters like Pimpbot 5000, R2-Mr.T2, Triumph, & The Masturbating Bear, there wasn't much on network television that was so blatantly DUMB, while being simultaneously INTELLIGENT somehow. So yes, I am officially on TEAM CONAN. To see someone work so hard to finally reach his goal deservedly and almost immediately get that trophy stripped away because of other people's poor decisions is a little heart-wrenching. So, just to show a little support, I wanted to do a fun little drawing to pass around that combines both my support and love for Conan, as well as a little nod to ANOTHER icon that molded my artistic view in the 80's and 90's: VCJ's "THE RIPPER". The Ripper, along with VCJ's other skateboard art pretty much DEFINED skateboard art alongside Santa Cruz artist Jim Phillips.

So yah, I drew this little Team Conan drawing to let off a little steam. While I was doing so, the earthquakes hit Haiti. There is no joke or lighthearted comment that can make the dire situation in Haiti seem any less catastrophic than it is. But there is always a little that we can do to help out those in need from afar in a tragedy like this. So, in a small attempt at trying to help out a little bit, I decided to print up this TEAM CONAN design on shirts and prints, and then we (ZEROFRIENDS) will donate a portion of the profits to YELE-HAITI ( ), an amazing organization that is helping out the current situation in Haiti more than we can imagine. So please pick up one of these items and A) show your support for CONAN! and B) Know that some of your hard-earned money is going to help out a little bit;)

The print and shirt are both $24 each

Get the print and shirt at

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