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From EMEK:

Goto click on the scrolling pics and then click on the Haiti poster image.


we are going to have a special pre-sale in order to determine the edition size

but they will all be signed and numbered By Emek

I have created a special poster to help the victims in Haiti
It is an 18" x 24" silkscreen and it will be signed and numbered.
The edition size will be determined by the number of orders placed.
*you may order as many as you would like.
The sale will be open for 1 week, STARTING tomorrow morning Saturday January 23rd and ENDING next Friday night January 29th.
so everyone will have enough time to place an order either by mail or through paypal and not get shut out by everyone going to the site at the same time
once we have a total number ordered, we will have the posters printed -
D&L Printing have graciously offered to donate PART of their services to help make this happen.
The silkscreen posters will be Signed and Numbered
(the larger the edition the longer it may take to get them out to you so...)
Please expect about 3-6 weeks for delivery
Since we are not a registered non-profit organization we do not qualify for

a "donation" button through paypal in order to avoid them taking transaction fees

therefore we need you to send the money 1 of 2 ways:
1) sign in to
click the second tab 'SEND MONEY'
fill on the form, TO:
Amount: $65.00 US (poster is $50 + shipping and handling)
IMPORTANT: *click the 'PERSONAL' tab and choose 'GIFT'
then click continue
*scroll down to the bottom of the page -
Message: **write in YOUR Name and Shipping Address
This part is very important because your paperwork will not include your address since its being sent as a gift
If you do not send it as a gift paypal will take 3%, and we'd prefer that money goes to those suffering in Haiti.

2) mail a check or money order for $65 (poster is $50 + shipping and handling) with a self addressed sticker or index card (so we know where to send your poster)
Emek Studios
BOX 2171
Fairview, OR 97024

we will post copies of the processed checks written out to the organizations
and their receipt to us so you can be sure your money went to where we promised!
Thanks to all of you who can show your support
and to all those helping to make this and other relief efforts happen
Take care,
Emek and Ronni

All profits will be divided among the following 3 organizations:
1) Doctors without Borders
Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international medical humanitarian organization. Doctors and nurses volunteer to provide urgent medical care in Haiti to victims of disaster regardless of race, religion, or politics.
Medical teams conduct evaluations on the ground to determine a population's medical needs before opening programs. The key to MSF’s ability to act independently in response to a crisis is its independent funding. Eighty-nine percent of MSF's overall funding (and 100 percent of MSF-USA's funding) comes from private sources, not governments. In 2006, MSF had more than three million individual donors and private funders worldwide.

2) Partners In Health
They target the poorest Haitians as a matter of policy, and have been
doing so for over 20 years. because of their experience, the UN just
put them in charge of one the major hospitals as part of the relief
You can also encourage people to send supplies, including medicine and
old camping equipment.

3) Mercy Corps
Is a team of 3700 professionals helping turn crisis into opportunity for millions around the world. By trade, we are engineers, financial analysts, drivers, community organizers, project managers, public health experts, administrators, social entrepreneurs and logisticians. In spirit, we are activists, optimists, innovators and proud partners of the people we serve.

p.s. i contacted numerous aid agencies to donate my posters and let them sell directly

they all said it was better if we handle all the sales and shipping ourselves and just donate the money, so that is what i am doing-emek

p.s. any drymounters that purchase 672 posters themselves get a velvet edition of 1 ;)

signed and embossed silkscreen poster coming soon


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