Sunday, January 31, 2010

Alex Pardee X Zero Friends X Upper Playground NYC Opening Reception 1/30/10

Well opening day at the Zero Friends store in New York City with Alex Pardee was a huge success. The place was packed for hours with people buying everything they could. People were buying instant Pardee collections 8 9 10 different prints at a time.

Alex sketched and signed for over 4 hours for EVERYONE in line, even taking time to chat and take pics with everybody. Very classy guy that really loves and respects his fans.

The fun and excitement does not end this week there is definitely going to be some surprises in the next 3 months, including other artists showing in there at times. And Alex will be popping in on occasion. Dont worry I'll let you know when things happening.

Thank you again to Darren, Sean, Nicole and Alex for your time. They busted their butts to make this happen. They have a class operation and it shows with their dedication to their fans.

ALSO BIG THANK YOU TO JAY for the pictures and video. I LOVE YOU MAN.

The Store is open everyday 11am-7pm.
Located at
437 East 9th Street
New York, NY 10009-4935

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