Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Audrey Kawasaki Time Limited Editions Yuuwaku and Hyakki Yakou Art Prints

From Audrey:

due to the fact that the poll was pretty much tied between the two,
(and also because i didnt release very many non-gallery prints last year)
we thought it would be best to put both prints on sale for the Time Limited Edition!

so yes!
here's how it'll work:
on January 23rd, Saturday, between 3pm to 4pm pacific time
you can log-on on my shop and click the Purchase button,
and you will be guaranteed a print!!
as long as it's between the hour, your print will be reserved!

-this is one print per person. so you must choose between the two.

-there will also be a framed option. (will post a pic of a sample soon)

-since the edition size will be determined after the sale,
we can't do much of the printing & framing&packing ahead of time like normal.
so please allow 6-7 weeks for delivery.

-PLEASE make sure the shipping address is correct when you register and/or log on.
if there are any problems or questions please email mail@audrey-kawasaki.com

~ Yuuwaku ~
giclee print on 100% cotton archival fine art paper
size: 15"x19.5"on a 16"x20.5"sheet

~ Hyakki Yakou ~
giclee print on 100% cotton archival fine art paper
size: 22"x13" on a 23"x14"sheet

signed and numbered on the image area
price unframed: $100
price framed: $250
shipping cost: $20 for US. $30 of international. for both framed or unframed.
(framed shipping/handling is included in the cost.)

available for purchase:
~January 23rd, Saturday. 3pm~4pm pacific time~
~check here for the exact time and date in your time zone~

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