Thursday, January 14, 2010

Special Guest Blogger Today - Scott Tilson of Psychedelic Art Exchange

Well I have a special guest today Scott Tilson of Psychedelic Art Exchange. Scott and Glen Trosch run PAE. They will be doing guest columns on a monthly basis. The concert posters of the 60's paved the way for all the work we see today and is some of the most beautiful art work ever created.

Psychedelic Art Exchange (PAE) is the premier source to buy, sell and learn about 1960’s Psychedelic Rock Concert Posters. They are a full service organization that provides sophisticated collectors like yourself with everything you need to take maximum advantage of what a growing number of people believe is the most lucrative collectibles opportunity in the world today.

Their logo was designed by legend Wes Wilson, the world’s first — and arguably the world’s most influential — psychedelic poster artist.

Scott Tilson is commonly referred to as “The Warren Buffett of Collectibles” and his career has been closely followed and extensively reported about in literally hundreds of newspapers, magazines and television shows.

Click here to read Scott’s “12 Critical Reasons Why…” article >

Glen Trosch is an internationally acknowledged expert in 1960’s “Pop Culture” collectibles with a special emphasis on rare and highly sought after paper collectible categories including Psychedelic Rock Concert Posters, Comics (and Comix!), and rare books, magazines and newspapers. Mr. Trosch also has extensive expertise in rare and collectible toys from the 1960’s.

In addition, Mr Trosch has been widely lauded for his active role as “The Collectors Advocate”. Mr. Trosch has tirelessly supported the need for transparency in the Psychedelic Art Market and is widely credited with breakthrough educational programs that provide collectors with unsurpassed information on the topics of grading, storage, and the establishment of a two way market for Psychedelic Art.

And now Scott Tilson:

Vintage Rock Concert Posters Now Available with Certified Authentication and Grading

Collectors demand accurate grading and guarantees as values rise

(Park City, Utah) As the interest in classic 1960’s Rock Concert Posters continues to grow, a new certified authentication and grading service has been introduced so that collectors can confidently participate in the rapidly growing market.

“Concert posters from the Sixties are becoming extremely valuable and people want to know they’re getting exactly what they pay for,” explained Scott Tilson, of Psychedelic Art Exchange, the organization that launched the service. “Collectors have been telling us for years that it’s time for these counter culture rarities to be treated with the same level of accuracy and respect as other mainstream collectibles such as coins, stamps, baseball cards and comics”.

Each Certified Poster is housed in a chemically inert, archival holder that has been individually serial numbered by Psychedelic Art Exchange. The poster is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity and Grade bearing a matching serial number and is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

“Certified Authentication and Grading is now expected by experienced collectors,” noted Tilson. “They understand the price of a collectible is directly based on its condition and certification offers folks a whole new level of accuracy and consistency they can trust.”

Certified authentication and grading of collectibles is nothing new. The concept first appeared in the rare coin market in 1988 and then quickly spread to other popular collectibles such as comic books, stamps and baseball cards. In each case, prices for the highest quality pieces skyrocketed in value, spurred by demand from new collectors who were able to enter the market with confidence.

“These beautiful works of art have been highly sought after ever since they were originally produced over 40 years ago,” added Tilson. “ People tell us they’re thrilled that certification is finally available. It’s going to be real interesting to see where this all goes.”

Want to learn more? You can get the just published Special Report, “Insider Secrets of The Psychedelic Art Market”, that tells you everything you need to know about vintage rock concert posters. The free report can be downloaded online at or you can request by phone at 410-464-6180.

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