Saturday, January 16, 2010

"CoCo and Leno-Head" by jimiyo on TeeFury

Could not resist showing this, too funny.

WOW, how perfect, and what the heck is going on with this stuff, it seems almost fake, a publicity stunt, these two guys are going to end up hating one another, really too bad, STUPID LENO!!!!! TeeFury is an awesome website that sells T-shirts for $9 a pop...the only catch is that it is only on sale for 24hours and then the next T-shirt is posted up! I have seen awesome shirts by some amazing artists on here and the total purchase price is $11. So that is $9 for the Tee and $2 for the shipping...that is an awesome deal that can't be beat! I will try and post the shirts up daily, or you can go visit the site yourself!

Money does go back to the artist and after today, this t-shirt will be Gone FOREVER! Today artist earns $1 for every tee sold. So make sure you get over there if yer diggin the design!

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